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A bit about me

Carry out paid shoots. On occasion may offer TFCD for models who can add something different to my portfolio.

I have been shooting for around 25 years. I have a wide a varied portfolio and am willing to try any project that is interesting and unusual.

I have shot almost all the road races in the U.K, low flying jets in the Mach loop and Low fly zones around the country. Weddings, models, landscapes and anything that I find interesting.

TFP/TFCD = Basically this is the fancy name for a collaboration between model and photographer. The model supplies her time, and i bring all my camera kit and knowledge. Once complete i edit the best photos from the shoot and can either supply all the photos on a DVD-ROM or enable them to be downloaded from Dropbox.

I don't use excessive photoshop techniques so ensure you are proficient at make-up/hair etc or bring along a MUA.

I refuse to make u look like Co-Co the clown/plastic in Photoshop!




Steve Kane



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