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Some of the questions i get asked a lot hopefully this section will give you most of the answers you need?? if not, just Call/Text or email me.




What sort of photography do you do?


I am skilled in pretty much all aspects of photography, from sports, fast jets to wildlife and modelling.


What equipment do you use?


I started 25 odd years ago using Sigma cameras, so at the moment i use 2 x SD14s and recently got my hands on a lovely SD-1 and a Nikon SLR as a back up. I have a wide and varied range of lenses from close up model work to super fast tele photo zoom lenses. I have my own lighting system and can shoot in any environment (I do prefer natural light though).


What training have you done?


All my photo skills are self taught over a period of 20 years as a hobbyist. I use every oppurtunity i get to take my cameras with me no matter if im working at my real job or just out and about i always have it. Any photog who rekons that he knows everything about photography is lying lol, everyday i am learning new styles and techniques to use in either my photos or editing.


Do you edit your photos?


I edit all my photos personally, although i am sympathetic i tend not to over edit any of my photos as i find that this is not a reflection of what i have seen or shot! i avoid HDR and photoshop is used only to adjust exposure/sharpening and levels. I of the opinion that if you give need to edit your photos heavily it takes away from the reality of the moment. When doing TFP shoots i avoid making the model look like coco the clown!!


What does TFP/TFCD stand for?


There are many new models, parents of models, and individuals who'd like to be models but are not familiar with the concept of Time for CD, Hereinafter referred to as (TFCD). The following explains what to expect when you work with a photographer on a TFCD basis.
The premise behind a TFCD photo shoot is quite simple, neither the photographer nor the model charges for their time. Instead, in exchange for the model's time, the photographer compensates the model with digital images. This agreement results in a fair and equitable exchange of time for digital images with no money changing hands.
Working under a TFCD arrangement, models are able to add photographs to their portfolios without paying for a photographer’s time. Thus saving a considerable amount of money, this agreement further allows models to practice their craft by working with many different photographers under various conditions and in many different environments, thus gaining valuable experience in front of the camera in their chosen profession. Photographers are motivated to work under a TFCD arrangement in order to improve their skills while building their own professional portfolios. Other incentives for photographers may include a desire to work with exceptionally attractive or interesting models,testing new equipment, experimenting with various lighting techniques, developing content for a personal project, or simply their passion for photography. If interested please feel free to contact me.

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